Paper Boards

We are quality importers of Paper Boards and export them in the following capacity with mentioned specifications :

A. Duplex Board Grey Back-AA grade from 230 gsm to 500 gsm..
Providing Duplex Boards that are available in the form of rolls and sheets. Offered in both white, gray and white. White duplex boards are Widely used and supplied in printing area, single side color printing, making cartons which are used as packaging or used in the design of manual products.

B. C1S Ivory Board, FBB from 170 to 400 gsm.
Paper Boards having good thickness uniformity, high stiffness and bulk and good die cutting box performance. High whiteness, stable hue, even and fine coating, good reduction of even and printing dot, Stable glossiness, printing product in bright color and strong sense of layer are the specialties of our product.